About Us

It was shocking when we first heard the average food miles a regular tomato travels before it gets tucked into your refrigerator. Few walks down the local market and railway/bus stations showed us the dismal state of food transportation. The journey to create our own produce as close to our homes started from our balconies. The shear joy of biting into a juicy tomato unsullied by the outside pollutants made us realize what we were missing in our lives. That’s when we (a software engineer, a pilot and a corporate honcho) decided to leap out of our comfort zones in pursuit of farm fresh veggies.

Today we are the pioneers in setting up hydroponics farms across Kerala. Here, we at Kan Farms doesn’t believe in the concept of one size fits all. Our team is determined to reduce the cost of setting up these farms by reducing the third-party charges and numerous other innovations specially tailor made for God’s own country.

For garden enthusiasts and home engineers who are looking for an economical way to get pesticide free veggies without paying for the frills of an organic store, we have custom made home kits available. These can be easily installed in your balconies or in your kitchen. And Vola!!!!! harvest to kitchen in less than 5 minutes.

At Kan Farms we aim to provide the best services starting from planning, custom designing and execution to provide you a turnkey solution to your first Hydroponic Farm.

Needles to say With Kan You Can………………. Happy Farming

Become a Franchisee

Did you always wanted to venture into farming but could not, due to a zillion reason? It is time to bid goodbye to all your worries. You can join us in our pursuit of farm fresh veggies as a Franchisee. You take the first step and let us handle the farm for you. We offer custom made solutions to all your farm queries as we understand each farm is unique in itself.

Become an Urban Farmer

In the words of the famous author Alice B Toklas “There is nothing that is comparable to it, as satisfactory or as thrilling, as gathering the vegetables one has grown”. A weekly visit to a farm owned by you would be a perfect get away to blow some steam from online classes and WFH stress. We offer to lease you out a portion of our farm on a monthly subscription basis. We will take care of all the farm needs. Get your family for a weekly harvest fest to pluck your own vegetables from your own farm.