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Here, we at Kan Farms doesn’t believe in the concept
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It was shocking when we first heard the average food miles a regular tomato travels before it gets tucked into your refrigerator. Few walks down the local market and railway/bus stations showed us the dismal state of food transportation. The journey to create our own produce as close to our homes started from our balconies. The shear joy of biting into a juicy tomato unsullied by the outside pollutants made us realize what we were missing in our lives. That’s when we (a software engineer, a pilot and a corporate honcho) decided to leap out of our comfort zones in pursuit of farm fresh veggies…

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What Clients Says

Wow. Hydroponics farming is a 360-degree service. They handled everything so professionally and flawlessly, from preparing nutrition to organising and constructing the polyhouse arrangement. Kan farms, without a doubt, deserves to be recommended to large corporations.


I must commend their site feasibility research and commitment made our farm feasible. I want to thank Kan farms for helping us build up an outside farm where we can feed over 1000 plants and for providing us with end-to-end services.

Sreedevi Prasanth, Kakkanad